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Please read these terms and conditions before using the Tap a Trade website. By using the website, you agree to the terms and conditions which constitute a contract between yourself and Tap a Trade. If the terms and conditions are unacceptable and you do not agree upon them, please refrain from using Tap a Trade. The mentioned Terms and conditions may be modified at any time. The terms and conditions can be monitored by any persons at any stage and continued use of Tap a Trade signifies your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

All information that is posted or used on Tap a Trade by the user must be their own work, without subject to copyright infringements or any other governing laws. By submitting information or content to Tap a Trade, you automatically grant that the owner of such material a royalty-free, global non-exclusive license to use, create, reproduce, modify, publish, edit, communicate and/or display your name and the information alone or as part of other works an any form or media now known or hereafter developed. You agree the information you provide Tap a Trade is true and correct, and does not violate and laws, mislead or deceive, does not infringe on copyright and/or privacy laws, and fully abides by all relevant governing bodies rules and regulations.

We make no submission that any of the information on the Tap a Trade website is complete, accurate, reliable or appropriate, and we make no warrant that your use of the website will be without interruption, secure, error free or without viruses. Tap a Trade reserve the right to discontinue the web site and mobile app at any stage without warning or notification. Utilizing the website and mobile app is at the user’s risk, and you are responsible for taking precautions to ensure that protection is in place for any claim, damage, loss or hazard that may be apparent whilst utilizing Tap a Trade. No person/persons shall interfere with the operation and/or use of the Tap a Trade website or mobile APP without prior written consent. All information and data on our systems remains the intellectual property of Tap a Trade and can be utilized at any stage without notice. Any inaccurate information which may be contained through the Tap a Trade website or mobile app shall not be the responsibility of Tap a Trade. All information is provided not as professional advice. Tap a Trade rely upon users providing true and accurate content, such as license and qualifications and the like, and we endeavor to ensure this information is correct, however we do not provide guarantee that all details are accurate. It is recommended to verify licenses/qualifications/skills with the relevant licensing board or regulatory bodies. Under no circumstance shall Tap a Trade be liable for any damages what so ever as a result of losses caused to you by a person or entity that you retain as a consequence of using our directory or service. Any advertisements and/or products listed on the Tap a Trade website or mobile app do not signify endorsements, and we shall therefor not be liable for any content displayed on our products or services which prove to be offensive, inaccurate, or the like. Information, data and/or links to websites and/or other third parties are not the responsibility of Tap a Trade, and we provide no liability on such products or services.

Tap a Trade utilize the Stripe gateway payment system, and/or Bitpay. For their terms and agreements and service details, please follow the below links to the website for further information.
Stripe Gateway - https://stripe.com/au
Bitpay - https://bitpay.com/

Upon registration with Tap a Trade, you agree the terms and conditions have been read and accepted, and that you shall not provide your password to any third party for use. Your account may be closed at any time, however all information submitted and provided to Tap a Trade remains the property of Tap a Trade.

You agree to hold Tap a Trade harmless and unaccountable for any expenses, damages, losses and/or costs involved resulting from a violation from these terms and conditions. Any activity related to your service account which results in harm and/or loss shall not be the responsibility of Tap a Trade

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You hereby release and waiver any and all claims against us and/or our partners you sustain in connection with your use of the Tap a Trade website or mobile APP. Tap a Trade shall exclude itself from responsibility any and all losses, damages, information theft, costs associated with the use of our services

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Ratings are given to users of the Tap a Trade website and mobile APP, and are done so as a result of feedback given by user and/or customer. This is opinion orientated, and does not reflect endorsement or recommendation by Tap a Trade. In submitting feedback and/or ratings, you acknowledge you will act fairly and honestly, and you will not intentionally attempt to harm or undermine the reputation of a fellow user of our services. We reserve the right to edit feedback and ratings at any time without prior notice or consent, which we deem inappropriate, deceptive or does not adhere to local laws and regulations.

The primary contact for any information we provide and or our services shall be written to admin@tapatrade.com. All concerns shall be raised, and a response provided within a reasonable time period.