Privacy Policy


All users are encouraged to visit the Australian Information Commissioners website at This website contains information about privacy law, rules and regulations in Australia.

Information which is collected by Tap a Trade is for business purpose use only. We retain the right to use or disclose personal information about you as the user that is required to do so as to the function of the Tap a Trade business model. Information to be collected may include, but is not limited to, browsers or devices which are used to access Tap a Trade webpages or webpages by others.  Contact and payment card details enable transactions to be verified and accounting and/or legal reasons means these to be at times rettained as required. A copy of contact information, information submitted through web forms, IP address logging, by smart phones, browser plug ins or other devices and applications are utilized at times when required. Personal details from partners, advertisers, customers, third parties, and other sources, may be utilized from time to time in accordance with local laws and regulations to deliver quality content, perform our business activities and ease of operation of our services. By using the Tap a Trade webpage and/or mobile app, you consent for us to disclose any information which is recorded, logged, attained or acquaired. Marketing, advertisers and other business services, may acquaire certain aspects of personal information provided to Tap a Trade. Tap a Trade is not held responsible for any unlawful or inappropriate behavior carried out by third parties affiliated with our company. All users of web services are encouraged to understand the privacy terms on which is associated within each service or product. All information provided to Tap a Trade is held in accordance with the Privacy Act, and is available for viewing upon request through relevant bodies. Security measures are taken into account when handling data and information, we shall not be held responsible for misuse or theft of this data or information. The world wide web is open to penetration by outside parties at any given stage. Tap a Trade make every effort to ensure transactions are accurate and privacy upheld. Information stored within our servers is kept secure as far as practicle.

Tap a Trade may receive and/or record information on internet actions or behavior, social medial sites, and other services. Technologies are used for GPS data signals to improve our business efficiency.  Information may be used for services such a ID & authentication, customize content, maintain or improve services, develop new service features, to ensure billing is accurate, conduct research, expand user base, develop external relationships with other service providers, generate data reports and the like. Cookies, data and anonymous identifiers may be utilized for a number of purposes including but not limited to improving our services to our customers.  Your account with Tap a Trade is password protected, and we encourage users to keep this password private. Location based services are utilized by Tap a Trade by google maps, and their privacy policy can be found by following The payment system utilized for completed works is Bitpay, for Bitcoin transactions. There privacy policy and terms and conditions can be found at The payment system utilized for completed works for standard Mastercard or Debitcard transactions is Stripe gateway, and their privacy policy and terms and conditions can be found at If you hold any concerns on how the Tap a Trade privacy policy may affect you please feel free to contact us via the contact page.



Ammendements may be made to the Tap a Trade privacy policy from time to time as required. These amendements can be accessed on the Tap a Trade privacy policy statement. Please refer back for any further information or queries.


All complaints about the Tap a Trade privacy policy shall be firstly directed to for perusal. Further information is available on the Federal Privacy Commissioners website at


Use of the Tap a Trade website and/or mobile app includes your acceptance on the privacy policy and terms of use.